Rare Books (EP)

by Rare Books

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Recorded at Serious Business Music, NYC


released April 20, 2013

Written by: Efrain Calderon
Produced by: Travis Harrison
Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals: Efrain Calderon
Bass/Keys/Guitar: Kevin Fish
Drums: Brian Kantor



all rights reserved


Rare Books New Jersey

Rare Books is the songs of Efrain Calderon.

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Track Name: The Rub
Where? Where have you hid all of this life? Out being a kid my splinter piglet. Thought I hit the top, dropped off and slid. But me, I was the kid -- my wooden pig.

I was shipwrecked by false love and it left me capsized. Accepted that I was just made to be denied, but as sure as the Earth turns so does its tides. So I crashed into the coast with just hope to survive.

Feel how the ground shakes, darling that's me. And the grip of the rip of the wave while it breaks is my love. And the sea foam that sizzles and runs -- that is my tongue. Our distance, steady and steep, that is the rub.

But who cares? We share the same air. We spy the same sun. It sets twice for two sets of eyes falling in love. It sets twice for two sets of eyes...
Track Name: The Ball Dropped
I'm taking deep breaths and facing weakness on the way down. Yeah, I'm still trying. You scoffed and then snapped. I never called back. The world stopped and turned around. Yeah, I'm still trying.

Weeks passed and the leaves stopped. Cut a turkey and the ball dropped. In my mind now you're a blind spot. Damn, I miss you Dan a whole lot.

She says she loves you. It might even be true, but frankly former friend she'll still consume you. So now you're moving. Or so, I'm assuming, well you might have thought you won, but we're both losing.

And you'll do what she tells you too, and she'll manipulate the truth. What else can you expect? No, I can't buy you self respect.

Your cardboard boxes, your greener grasses will in some months become much more inviting. You may forget me, you may neglect me while she's strangling you and you're still reciting.
Track Name: Overkissed
So I caught your eye before you called it a night. I was roped in and questioned, rolling loaded dice. And you looked really nice, acting aloof. I followed small talk to laughter to full blooded looks.

You know, I often talk in circles. I think in figure eights, but we both made our minds up. This was no debate.

I know I'm close. That's all I know. Everything is coming to a head. Everything is coming to a head. I know I'm close. That's all I know. Everything is coming to a head. Everything is coming to a head. Waiting. Waiting for the dawn to strike us dead.

Then I took you home, our covers both blown. I tried playing you music, but you just groaned. And it felt like your lips had been overkissed like you were just searching for someone you missed.
Track Name: In the Snow
Tell me 'bout a bond the world won't break. Tell me 'bout a pill that you won't take. And even if it grates me I'll still stay. Darling if you've got a hold on me let it break.

Screaming self reliance I was quick to speak, swearing I'd be dead by thirty-three, but now I find the future's here for good. I started saying sorry to everyone I could.

Tell me 'bout that song that you can't name. Tell me 'bout that moment you can't shake. And even when it grates me I'll still stay. I just want to love you head to toe.

It began to snow while we first kissed, ranting on about music in the wilderness. It's those tiny little moments I still miss.
Track Name: Stand Next to Me
There's nothing to undo, though all the waves may crash, weeds ruin the grass -- that's what they do. And what else can we be, but just another line? With rings to wrap around while we unwind.

Stand next to me. Stand next to me.

There's nothing to undo: stone > sand > sky. Cracks corrupt but wind will whistle through.

And the bugs will burrow in, storming to the core. Until eventually, until eventually, until eventually, until eventually ...

We'll lose the will to clench, sweating out the sap.
Until eventuallyyllautneve litnU
Until eventuallyyllautneve litnU

the end.